Water Shoes

Water Shoes from Lost Paddle

There are many different accessories that can prove helpful to kayakers However, one of the most beneficial is water shoes. These are shoes that, as the name implies, are designed for use in the water. In fact, some water shoes are made for use in specific types of water and even specifically for kayakers.

Here at Lost Paddle Kayak Shop, we are proud to offer a great variety of water shoes for kayaking. We hope you’ll browse our wide selection and enjoy the many benefits that these shoes offer.

Protect Your Feet

Not sure if you need water shoes for kayaking? Just consider the protection they can offer your feet! These shoes are made with thick, sturdy soles. So if you encounter a rock or other sharp object in the water, you’ll be protected. Plus, as any kayaker knows, the bottom of a lake or river isn’t always pleasant, and good shoes can help you avoid that all-too-common slimy, uncomfortable feeling of touching the bottom with bare feet.

Improve Traction

The best water shoes for kayaking are built for traction. When you’re out on the water, it’s very easy to slip and potentially injure yourself. In fact, you can even slip and fall before you enter the water since entry points are often wet and hazardous as well.

Thankfully, the right pair of water shoes can provide your feet with the grip and control they need to keep you upright and safe on (and on your way to) your kayaking adventures.

Stay Warm

Finally, true kayak water shoes are very insulated. The water can get extremely cold, and dipping your bare foot in can feel awful. But, with good water shoes, your feet can stay dry and comfortable enabling you to stay out on the water longer.

Reach Out to Us

We invite you to browse through our selection of water shoes and find the perfect pair! But, if you need help or have questions along the way, we’re always here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for advice and personalized recommendations.