Paddle Boards

Paddle Boards from Lost Paddle

Want to try paddle boarding, but aren’t sure where to start? Here at Lost Paddle, we’ve got you  covered! As water-lovers ourselves, we know all about paddle boards and how to choose a great one. That’s why we only offer reliable, high-quality paddle boards designed to make every on-the-water experience a great one.

Consider Use

When choosing standing paddle boards, you first have to decide how you plan to use the board. Once you know that, choosing the right one becomes a whole lot easier.

If you’re using your board for paddle board yoga, for example, you’ll likely want a medium board with a planing hull. Those who are planning to do some serious, fast paddling, on the other hand, will want a longer board with a displacement hull.

As you can see, your intended use matters a lot when choosing a paddle board. But, if you can figure that part out, we can easily guide you to the right board to meet your needs.

Consider Stability

Stability on your paddle board is incredibly important. After all, the whole point of stand-up paddle boards is, well, to be able to stand up! If you can’t do that easily, then you won’t enjoy your paddling experience at all.

Of course, any board will require some practice and some getting used to. But, you want a board that’s long enough and wide enough to support you and your weight and height, as well as your intended activity.

If you need help deciding which board is going to be the best and most stable for you, remember that we’re always here to help.

Consider Cost

While it would be nice if everyone could just go out and buy the best paddle boards without caring about cost, that’s not reality. You have to work with your own budget. The good news, however, is that paddle boards do vary widely in terms of cost. Soft-top boards, for example, tend to be very affordable while hard paddle boards are typically more costly.

Here at Lost Paddle, we pride ourselves on offering quality boards at all price points. Plus, we’re confident in our ability to work with your budget and your needs to find you an excellent paddle board.

Contact Us Today

As you can see, choosing the right paddle board can be tricky. But, you don’t have to make the decision alone! We’re always happy to answer your questions and guide you through our many paddle board options. Just reach out to us for assistance, and you’ll be paddling in no time!