Dry Bags and Cases

Dry Bags and Cases from Lost Paddle

Whether you’re preparing for an expedition with Cape Fear River Adventures or are a regular water-adventurer, there are many supplies that can prove useful to you. Dry bags are one such item.

In case you’re not familiar with them, dry bags and cases are exactly what they sound like. They’re tightly sealed and are designed to hold important items and protect them from water exposure.

Wondering if you need a dry bag and/or case? Just consider their many uses.


Secure Your Most Important Items

When you venture out onto the water, you may want to take certain items with you. This includes things like cash, your phone for taking pictures, and your car keys. Unfortunately, these types of items can very easily become damaged by water exposure.


But, when you use paddling bags and cases, they’ll be completely protected. Even if the bag or case was to fall into the water directly, the items inside shouldn’t be harmed.


Store Extra Clothing

The best dry bags are big enough to accommodate larger items, such as clothing and shoes. And, honestly, bringing a fresh pair of clothing to your water adventure is always recommended. After all, you’ll want a change of clothes available if you get too wet. Plus, it’s also nice to have dry clothes to change into when your fun is done for the day.


Pack Some Nourishment

Being out on the water tends to bring on the hunger. A dry bag or case is the perfect place for storing snacks and goodies that will energize you on your water journey.

No one wants to eat a wet protein bar or soggy trail mix. A good dry bag or case ensures you won’t have to.


Have Questions?

Unsure if you really need a dry bag or case? Wondering which one is best for your needs? We’re here to help!

Lost Paddle Kayak Shop is the official outfitter of Cape Fear River Adventures. We love the water just as much as you do and are always glad to assist you in finding the perfect products to meet your needs. Reach out to us should you require any help.