Canoes from Lost Paddle

Are you interested in owning a canoe of your very own? If so, Lost Paddle Kayak Shop has lots of great options to choose from. We offer canoes to suit various needs, desires, and budgets. Plus, our friendly staff is always available to help answer your questions and guide you to choosing just the right canoe for you.


Canoes for Different Activities

Canoes are not all the same. In fact, they come in different sizes and are designed for different activities as well. The first thing you’ll have to determine is what you plan to do with your canoe.

If you just want a canoe for gentle paddling and relaxation, a recreational canoe is likely your best choice. For more daring adventures, a river canoe is probably more your speed. Whatever your preferred activity, rest assured that we’ve got the best canoes to complement it.



Canoe Styles

Take a look at a canoe buying guide, and you’ll find that canoes are available in different styles. Flat-bottom canoes, for example, are a popular option for people who want a slower, more stable canoe. There are also shallow-arch canoes, which are built for speed and precision. Many other options exist as well, but don’t get overwhelmed. Take your time, browse through our selection carefully, and call on us if you need help!


Canoe Materials

Canoes can also be made of different materials, such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and more. Some materials are very lightweight, which can make them easier to transport. Others, however, are heavy and more durable. The key is simply to find a well-made canoe that works for your needs and preferences.


Need Help?

We know that sifting through all of these options can be a challenge. But, remember, you’re not alone. We don’t just offer canoes for sale. We also offer advice, support, and real customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in your quest to find the perfect canoe.